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PSP Go drops to $199 in US [update: price drops in UK too]


Sony has announced price cuts for the PSP Go in both Japan and the US. Originally launched at ¥26,800 ($332), the tiny, UMD-free system will retail for ¥16,800 ($208) in Japan starting tomorrow. In America (according to Reuters), the system will drop somewhat less dramatically, from $249 to $199. This matches information we received from a retailer -- though it's happening a bit later than that retail leak predicted. Of course, Amazon shoppers have had a "preview" of that price for several months, as have others thanks to retail discounts.

The Japanese price drop makes both the PSP Go and the PSP 3000 the same price in that region -- your decision is now based on whether or not you want to be limited to PlayStation Store releases.

Update: Eurogamer reports that the price will drop to £159.99 in the UK starting November 1.

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