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Google 'archiving' Nexus One support forum next month, turning it read-only

Chris Ziegler

If you have a Nexus One, you plan on having it for a while, and you want to talk about it, you're going to have to find another place to do it come November 1 -- because that's the day Google has chosen to shut down its own Nexus One support forum, archive it, and make its contents read-only. Seems like an extraordinarily illogical and user-hostile move to us -- especially considering that the phone is still thoroughly modern, runs the latest available version of Android, and was released this year... but if there's a silver lining to this mess, it'd have to be the fact that there's no shortage of third-party sites and forums that will be happy to pick up the slack. Meanwhile, Google, we'd love to hear a reasonable explanation for this, preferably before this rumored Nexus Two breaks loose.

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