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Kingsisle predicts Wizard 101 expansion release date


Much to the delight of their fans, Kingsisle posted a hopeful -- and specific -- message about their long-awaited Celestia expansion for Wizard 101:

"Test Realm Last Chance! We're on the home stretch and what you see in the Test Realm is almost ready to be moved in to the Live Game! Please take the next 24 hours to madly test as much as you can in Celestia, and if all goes well, we'll be putting Celestia and all the other features up to the Live Game on Wednesday October 27th!"

While "..if all goes well" seems pretty concrete, we all know how many things can not go well. Still, it's finally a solid date for those players that have been actively playing through the expansion on the test server. It looks like all their homework will be graded soon enough! Players can expect to see 10 additional levels, three new secondary schools of magic, new underwater zones to explore, game-changing mechanics like crit and block and more.

And, oh yeah, turning into a gobbler. We wouldn't want to forget that.

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