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Silly Bandz for DS seems like a stretch


Zoo Games has announced a DS game based on ... some rubber bands. This December, Zoo will release Silly Bandz, the official game of those rubber bands in the shape of animals and Justin Bieber.

Silly Bandz tasks players with freeing Bandz from capture by launching other Silly Bandz at the structures in which they are trapped. Screenshots found on Amazon show an Angry Birds-esque experience: a side-scrolling game where players knock over colored block-structures and ... is that a giant magnet?

Of course, the actual game content doesn't matter at all, because it ships with a set of twelve video game-themed Silly Bandz -- and the office supplies are the real selling point here. In July, Zoo announced that this game would be released on iPhone as well (without free Bandz, of course), but that version has yet to be dated.

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