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Star Wars Insider share the secrets it learned from SWTOR designer James Ohlen


BioWare and LucasArts have not always been very forthcoming with secrets of Star Wars: The Old Republic, but Star Wars Insider Magazine has learned a few tidbits of information that may give us a tingle in the Force.

In the article, James Ohlen talks about nearly every major aspect of the game: starting levels, space combat, armor progression, and even the sounds and score of the game, most of which we have covered in here in some way or another. However, he did give a very interesting quote regarding casual gameplay. "A lot of people are scared of massively multiplayer games because a lot of MMOs can become a grind... We've chosen to avoid that. We always give the player a story to drive the game forward."

The most interesting part of the article is when Ohlen outlined the Sith storyline. He explains in the article that one of first Sith Warrior missions is to kill your master as well as other students. When that is complete, you are tasked with tracking down and corrupting a very important Jedi Knight. He continues later to explain that the choices a player makes is reflected in his storyline, the light/dark side system, the rewards received, as well as your character's appearance. He explains, "If you're familiar Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, one of the things that we showed was how the dark side started to corrupt you. Your appearance started to change, your flesh started to age and become more like Palpatine from the movies, and your abilities started to change as well. This also occurs in The Old Republic."

Go to your local newsstand (do they still have those?) or comic book store and pick up the latest issue of Star Wars Insider to nab more detailed information.

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