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Allods Online "more free-to-play than ever" with new patch

Jef Reahard

How free is free-to-play? That depends on the game, and in the case of Allods Online, free just got a bit freer. gPotato Europe announced in a press release this morning that today's patch, an update to Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor, will make the game "more free-to-play than ever."

Players may now complete daily quests that offer selected premium rewards including double XP over time bonuses, items that negate death penalties, and buff trinkets that grant up to 24 hours of increased character power. Additionally, every Allods character will receive a free gift, so check your in-game mailbox within the next 30 days.

Volume 2: Rise of the Gorluxor features a lengthy list of improvements including the Dream Factory (a new level 20 zone) as well as class tweaks and bug fixes. Be sure and take a look at the full patch notes on the official site.

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