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Fan-made Twisted Metal trailer makes a slasher out of Sweet Tooth


Back in June, Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe shared the idea of a movie based partially on his game's automotive carnage, but focused on one of its most iconic characters, Sweet Tooth (real name: Needles Kane). "I want us to make an honest to goodness, low-budget slasher movie and sell it on PSN exclusive," he told his Twitter followers and fans.

While it's unknown whether the concept has gotten the green light since then, a handful of fans have created a free trailer based on Jaffe's initial pitch. "Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home" sees the psychotic clown offing obligatory, oblivious young people one by one and driving his decidedly unsavory ice cream truck.

If the violence makes you feel uncomfortable, just remind yourself that Sweet Tooth's victims are probably those people who think it's still cute and quirky to tell everyone how scared they are of clowns. They deserve it.

Credits (according to Youtube page):

Writer & Director: Ben Moody
Director of Photography: Steve Birnbaum
Producers: Rachel Campbell & Lisa Marie Kull
Special Make-Up Effects: Andrew De Leon
Grip: Shawn Marchese
Production Designer: Lisa Marchese
PA: David Meyers


Chris King as Needles "Sweet Tooth" Kane
Danielle Evon Ploeger
Carl Guthrie
Robert Perreault
Jon McMahan
Kurtis Wheeler
Ashley Spillers
Nathan O'Hara
Audrey Johnson
Shayla Bagir
Ciara Flynn
Patrick Knisely
Kelly Campbell

Based on characters created by David Jaffe & Scott Campbell

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