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HTC HD7 is hitting T-Mobile November 8th for $200... but it's hitting Amazon for $30 less

Chris Ziegler

Yes, true: T-Mobile announced last week by way of Twitter that it would be retailing the HD7 on November 8th -- the same day as AT&T's Samsung Focus and HTC Surround -- for $199.99 on contract. Thing is, it turns out that AmazonWireless is going to be selling it for $169.99 on contract... which, by our calculations, is $30 less for the same product! Obviously, it's the norm for retailers like Amazon and Wirefly to charge less for phones on new two-year deals than their first-party counterparts -- but what's notable here is that Amazon will be undercutting T-Mobile by a nice little margin on day one. Well, at least we think it'll be day one; the site quotes "usually 1 to 3 weeks" for shipping, which should match up with the drop date, give or take.

[Thanks, Collin W.]

Update: Newegg (via seller Simplexity) has 'em for $150... so yeah, needless to say, looks like there'll be no shortage of ways to get this thing for less than the $200 T-Mobile wants. Thanks, Matt!

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