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Possess Ghost Trick on January 11


The dead will roam the earth starting January 11, 2011, to inhabit our donut carts and cabinet doors. Or at least one dead guy will ... in a DS game. January 11 is the newly revealed North American release date for Capcom's Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, in which an amnesiac ghost named Sissel solves his own murder and prevents the murder of others by manipulating objects (which, in turn, manipulate people).

While we would have preferred a Halloween release date for the ghostly game (because it would have been sooner), at least Capcom came through with a seasonally appropriate Halloween release date announcement.

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Happy Halloween! To get into the spirit, we decided today would be the perfect time to deliver a delicious news treat to all of our fans out there. We are pleased to announce that GHOST TRICK™: Phantom Detective is coming to North America on January 11, 2011.

Shu Takumi, the innovative mind behind the Ace Attorney series, has crafted a brilliant new masterpiece that's sure to challenge the most ardent puzzle enthusiast out there. This will be the must-have Nintendo DS title for early next year. With quirky characters, gorgeous visuals, incredible drama, and Rube Goldberg-flavored puzzles, this is a guaranteed recipe for unadulterated awesome.

In GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective, players will be transported into the spirit world of Sissel, a murder victim who upon returning as a ghost, has lost his memory and must solve the mystery of his suspicious demise. Sissel has the unique ability to possess inanimate objects from the real world and skillfully manipulate them in order to influence events.

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