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RealVNC adds "iPod Out" so cars can display iOS device screen data

Sam Abuelsamid

RealVNC, the company behind the original VNC remote computing protocol, has added iOS to the list of devices that are supported by its VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive. In general, VNC (virtual network computing) allows users to see the display output from another computer over a network. It's commonly used to manage servers that are running without an attached monitor.

While a number of automakers have integrated iPod/iPhone control functionality, many of them have implemented rather clunky user interfaces. VNC Mobile will allow the actual iOS interface, including Cover Flow or even Google Maps, to be displayed directly on the larger in-dash touchscreen in the car.

This way, a user could just use the larger display to manage what they are listening to without fumbling with the iPod or iPhone. The new version uses the "iPod Out" feature that Apple has built into the latest versions of iOS to provide this capability. Check out the video in the second half of the post.

The demo video actually shows the capability of the VNC software to display the output of a smartphone using a Nokia N900. RealVNC is utilizing the newly implemented capabilities in iOO 4.1 to do the same thing.

[Via Macnn]

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