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3DS Shopping Channel unveiled


During Nintendo's investors briefing today, president and CEO Satoru Iwata offered the first peek at the 3DS "Shopping Channel," showing off its themed "racks." While it's unclear what specifically these themes will be, according to Andriasang's report, each rack will highlight games appropriate to its theme. In addition to basic descriptions, games on offer (including GameBoy titles!) will feature video clips, demos and player ratings. Basic search functionality will also be incorporated into the channel. (A short video of Nintendo's preview is available after the break, taken from the investors presentation.)

Iwata also announced a public 3DS demo event for January ... in Japan. From January 8–10, Chiba's Makuhari Messe -- home to the Tokyo Game Show -- will open its doors in an effort to "convey the message of 3D visuals to players." Iwata said the event is intended to quell any skepticism about the forthcoming device's glasses-free 3D functionality. More events, though not as large, will be held in other parts of Japan, but no mention has been made of any North American skeptic-squashing soirees yet.

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