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Super Meat Boy won't make Nov. on Wiiware, PC still on track


Bad news, Super Meat Fans. Team Meat has tweeted that Super Meat Boy will not make its planned November release on WiiWare. The team notes that a November release would be "impossible" and that the game hasn't been compressed beneath the WiiWare file size limit. Team Meat is shooting for a final size of 39MB, though it has yet to compress it down to 50MB. Another tweet states that the Team is looking to compress 700MB worth of data, and it's worth noting that the XBLA version released last month clocks in at just over 90MB.

Meanwhile, the PC version (with Minecraft guy!) is still set to arrive on Steam during the last week of November. We realize it won't make up for the lack of meaty goodness on Wii, but perhaps you could console yourself with a Meat Boy plushie?

[Thanks, John. Above: Our unofficial Meat Boy expresses his disappointment.]

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