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Amazon buy two, get one free sale running through November 6


On the second day of November, we're right in the eye of the storm -- there are far more high-quality games being released than we know what to do with. While you might think that our heart is the body part most affected during this madness, our right butt cheek can hardly withstand the constant withdrawal and replacement of our wallet. Thankfully, Amazon is offering a buy two/get one sale this week, reducing our wallet maneuvers by a cool two thirds.

Everything from StarCraft 2 to Kirby's Epic Yarn is available -- many below retail price as is -- with the third (and lowest priced) being deducted from the total cost at the point of sale. Of course, we'll be picking up Just Dance 2, Wii Party, and Wii Sports Resort. Holiday pounds be damned!

[Thanks, Kyle]

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