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Base One Labs introduces ImpactBand, a beefier alternative to iPhone bumper

Sam Abuelsamid

iPhone owners that want to leave its front and rear glass exposed while still offering a degree of protection now have an alternative to Apple's own bumper case thanks to the ImpactBand from Base One Labs. The ImpactBand actually appears to be significantly more robust than the Apple-branded bumper. The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) case is thicker and wider than the Bumper, so neither the glass surfaces or any of the control switches will be impacted if you drop the phone.

Base One Labs has video showing an iPhone being dropped from 16 feet onto pavement with no damage. Other benefits of the ImpactBand: it won't scratch the back glass the way a slip-on case potentially can, and at US$22 it's cheaper than Apple's bumper. The downside is your iPhone won't look quite as svelte as it does when it's bare. Click "Read More" to see a video of the ImpactBand being tested.

[via MacNN]

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