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PALRO the robot gets upgraded to 2.0, gets improved face & body tracking, is as cute as ever (video)

Tim Stevens

Oh PALRO, you'd already won our hearts with that dirty dancing routine you learned over the summer, and heaven knows you're cute as a button. Now, though, you have the brains to match those looks. Fujisoft has upgraded PALRO's software to version 2.0, which comes with some impressive face, body, and object tracking. The little guy can now identify a face and track it even if someone turns their head, and likewise can identify a person's body at a distance while walking through a crowded room. With a quick scan of its dome-shaped head PALRO can locate all the objects in a room and, when told to walk to one, will start swinging its arms and strut right to it, dodging wayward keyboards and mice along the way. It's as impressive as it is adorable, and while PALRO still isn't available for sale to the world at large, a price of roughly $3,300 makes means he's well out of our league anyway.

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