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Zentia releases new content, new ways to get beat up


Are you enjoying the Zentia open beta so far? Judging by the response we've received here on Massively, it seems a lot of people are discovering this "charmingly hardcore" game. Well, ChangYou has gone and done it now by introducing four new playable characters, tons of new content to explore and new high-level instances to conquer.

What's in store for you as you approach the elder levels of the game? If PvP is your thing, you could always attend the Survival Event where between 10 and 40 players will be on each side, battling it out with mounts and cannons. Check the in-game events calendar for more information. Or, maybe exploring Serene City at night sounds more like your speed. In this instance-after-dark, ghosts, goblins and haunted suits of armor have taken everyone hostage. Find the secret artifact before they do!

Want to hear more? I think you know what to do -- follow me after the jump!

The new Mount Fairy zone will host new adventures for those that might be tired of Capital City. Be careful -- this area is for levels 60 through 70 and features new monsters and epic dungeons like the Mount Fairy Devil's Tower instance. You've been warned. If you're lucky, you can tame one of the new capturable pets in the zone, or find a new mount.

Level 60? Perfect. The Enchanting Shadow instance is your next stop. It seems as though three evil sisters have taken over the Orchid Temple, and you're tasked with fighting your way inside, all the way to the lair of the Black Mountain Devil! It sounds like a lovely, lovely time. If that is like a walk in the park to you, perhaps you can try your luck in the Black Pine instance instead? Hordes of monsters will attack you, and you'll need to rally your forces in strategic areas of the map -- if you hope to survive. Level 65 and up need only apply.

Of course, you could always take a trip to the very metal zone of the Netherworld, a land of torture and corruption. Don't worry, there will be many new pets and mounts added across the zone in case you need a friend to laugh at you while you get your face beat in.

While your taking some time off on the beaches of Serene City, you might keep an eye out for the Mysterious Dragon. What is he there for? What is his name? What will happen if you bop him on the nose with the hilt of your sword? Grab some bandages and a whole lot of friends to find out. After you're handed your own heart, make your way to Capital City to try the Nine Shadow Scorpion on for size. If you're lucky, he'll treat you like a ping-pong ball. Hey, at least you'll have bragging rights.

After all that beat down, why not take some time out to play a nice, safe matching game? Thanks to this new addition, you can play a game while playing a game while suffering from massive internal injuries! Did I just blow your mind? Keep an eye out for the Rank Two Enhancing and the Class 3 Talisman you have been pining for, as well.

Check out the gallery below for a glimpse into the new content!

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