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DC Universe reveals Tomorrow District, today


If you are looking for the district that is the epitome of Metropolis, look no further than the Tomorrow District. This apex of technology guides all scientific advancements for the entirety DC Universe Online. Every gizmo you can imagine -- and not imagine -- is found here. Ever heard of a thermal-nuclear toothbrush? Yeah, neither have we, but the scientist in STAR Labs invented it. And STAR Labs is just one of the many gargantuan buildings your hero will find in this district of the future.

If it's gameplay opportunities you seek, the Tomorrow District is is designed specifically for your high-level character. Even though Jenet Kylburn works for the good guys, sometimes she cannot maintain control of everything STAR Labs produces. As Game Director Chris Cao said in regard to the STAR Labs scientists, "Sometimes their optimism exceeds their wisdom," and they have to call on the heroes to come save the day. However, because of the heaping amount of new technology in the area, the Tomorrow District attracts its share of villains looking to get their grubby paws on these advanced inventions.

After the break, Chris Cao provides a travelogue of the ups and downs of this exciting zone.

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