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The invasion of City of Heroes begins once again

Eliot Lefebvre

They've returned... the scourge of Paragon City, the greatest threat to Earth that the world has ever known, and the source of much player excitement. After a long hiatus, the Rikti invasion has returned to City of Heroes, and that means players can start enjoying the war against the invaders all over again. Running until 11:59 p.m. PDT on November 7th, the invasion will span all of the game's zones and force players to work together to defeat the alien threat.

If you've taken part in one of the smaller triggered invasions that have hit the game every so often, you'll be ready for the mechanics but not the scope. If you've never seen the even before, however, it's a great chance for players to bond and take part in one of the more dynamic live events the game has to offer. Rikti attacks can take place in any zone of the game and will be running on a regular basis for the duration. And if you think you need to take your City of Heroes character through the event in style, might we suggest taking a look at our ongoing contest for the new Origin Pack?

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