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Some Black Ops Gunnars to go with your Jeep


The Call of Duty: Black Ops cross-promotional marketing continues with the revelation of specially branded shades from Gunnar Optics, makers of "digital performance eyewear." The glasses are being manufactured in conjunction with Mad Catz, which is responsible for all official Black Ops accessories. The decked out specs appear to sport the same design as Gunnar's MLG Legend model, and feature handsome Black Ops branding on the sides and are designed to reduce eyestrain during long sessions with your favorite digital screens -- and reportedly, they actually work too.

Amazon has the glasses listed for $80, which is relatively cheap compared to some of Gunnar's offerings. One of Swords also notes that the set will include a carrying case, cloth bag and a USB drive. According to Amazon, the drive will be of the 1GB variety and will pack a download code for the "Bradygames Call of Duty: Black Ops Mini guide."

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