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Square-Enix working hard to "regain trust" with players and investors


It's been a rocky couple months for Final Fantasy XIV. Due to extensive feedback from the playerbase and mixed reviews, Square-Enix extended the free trial period for new players to a full two months -- a rarity in the industry -- as the company worked to shore up FFXIV's weaker points.

Due to all this, Square-Enix has been watched closely by investors and players regarding the future course of the game. President Yoichi Wada recently stated during a money report that the company is doing all it can to improve the situation: "We're quickly working on reforms... We'd like to put our full power into regaining trust."

Eurogamer reports that FFXIV has sold 630,000 units worldwide as of September 30th, including 230K in Europe and 210K in North America. According to IGN, FFXIV was the third-best selling title from the company in the past six-month period. Square-Enix points to a couple bright spots in the near future -- a partnership with China's Shanda Games and the upcoming spring 2011 release of Final Fantasy XIV on the PS3 -- that should help boost sales.

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