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Verizon trials unlimited text and data cellular plans for preferred customers, starting at $70 a month

Sean Hollister

Sure, Verizon's pushing tiered data plans in public, but it's simultaneously expanding its unlimited offerings behind closed doors -- yesterday, the wireless carrier launched a promotional plan with 450 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data for $70 a month. Before you jump at the chance to lower your monthly bill, however, we should warn you that this is very much a limited trial: Verizon will check its computers to verify that you were sent a promotional email before letting you into the deal. Furthermore, the offer doesn't ring up as a new plan in Verizon's computer system, but rather an amalgam of the company's existing $60 Talk and Text plan and its $30 unlimited data plan, with a $20 credit applied to your bill each and every month. The upside of that is that selected customers can basically add unlimited data to any Talk and Text plan they choose for an extra $10 monthly, but the downside is that it's far too early to call the promotion a portent of things to come. See the full offer at our source link... or in your inbox, we suppose.

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