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Bell Mobility hawking HTC Desire Z for $130 on contract

Chris Ziegler

With the G2 floating around, it's easy for Americans to forget that a North American flavor of the HTC Desire Z does, in fact, exist -- you just need to run north of the border to get it. Bell Mobility has been selling the phone for the past few days, seemingly in its pure HTC Sense-ified form -- for better or for worse -- meaning you get all the features of the company's new offering, map caching, and the like. Pricing clocks in at CAD $129.95 (about $130) on a three-year deal, quickly scaling up to CAD $499.95 ($500) contract-free with options (albeit economically illogical ones) at the one- and two-year levels. Will someone please do us a solid and start importing these stateside en masse? Preferably unlocked?

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