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Tactile+Plus brings buttons, of a sort, to your capacitive touchscreen games

Sean Hollister

That fish sausage stylus might improve your cold weather accuracy, but it's not the wacky accessory of choice to reliably pull off that Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV. For that, you need buttons, and a niche Japanese product has your back -- the Tactile+Plus, a set of translucent nubs you stick right on your capacitive touchscreen to get a tactile feel for your game. ¥630 (about $7.75) buys you two packs of the screen protector bubbles and directional pad equivalents, which Japanese publication Impress Watch says work well enough in Street Fighter that they could keep playing without looking down at the screen. They're not as useful in Sonic the Hedgehog, apparently, where the virtual D-pad is a slightly larger size, but if all you want is a perfect ego-destroying-uppercut on the go, you can't beat the price.

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