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Google disallows Facebook from siphoning email data, demands two-way flow of information

Darren Murph

Feisty, are we Google? As the battle between these two internet powers continues to intensify, Google has fired the latest shot by outright blocking Facebook (and potentially others) from accessing its users' information. As the story goes, Facebook members can easily import their Google contact list in order to find friends on The Social Network, but according to El Goog, that leaves users "in a data dead end." Evidently Google is somewhat perturbed that the data flow isn't a two-way street, noting that it "will no longer allow websites to automate the import of users' Google Contacts (via its API) unless they allow similar export to other sites." We're hearing that the change is being made gradually, with no ETA on a Facebook status update regarding the tiff. Sometime tells us some serious digital drama is about to go down, though the use of bad grammar and shrtnd wrds will prbly lessn the effct.

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