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Catherine's trio of gameplay systems revealed (but not explained)

If you've been keeping up with the media released for Atlus' super stylish, utterly bizarre mystery-adventure, Catherine, you're probably wondering exactly how one will go about ... interacting with all the craziness. An update to the game's official site (via Siliconera) shed some light on the proceedings. The game will be split into three different gameplay systems, each with its own unique style and method of interaction. Appropriately, these gameplay segments are oddly titled: Nightmare, Drama and Stray Sheep.

"Drama" will be straightforward enough, leading players through beautiful interactive and non-interactive cutscenes, which will develop the tangled web of passion between protagonist Vincent and his two homonymous girlfriends, Catherine and Katherine. "Nightmare" and "Stray Sheep" are still up in the air -- though one of the aforementioned cutscenes recently made it online (and after the jump), showing off Vincent and pals enjoying the night life in a bar named "Stray Sheep." Perhaps this system focuses on Shenmue-style bar games? We'd be just fine with that.

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