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Spanish neighborhood receiving video game street names

If you happened to be visiting the new neighborhood of Arcosur, located in Zaragoza, Spain, this past weekend, you would have played witness to a truly ... unique sight. This past Saturday, one of the first streets in the still-under-construction suburb received a moniker: Avenida de Super Mario Bros., which, as the Spanish-speakers and context clue-users among you probably figured out, translates to Super Mario Bros. Avenue.

Present at the unveiling was the titular plumber himself, as well as the neighborhood's new residents, who sported fake black mustaches in solidarity. The name was chosen by said residents in an online poll -- and it isn't the only gaming-themed name which won out. Future boulevards in the community will be named after Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders and The Legend of Zelda. This is all very cool -- but we're still holding out hope for an Alleyway Alleyway. Is it too late for a write-in ballot?

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