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Dynasty Warriors Online launches, thousands of NPCs die


Do you enjoy mowing down hordes of angry enemies? Perhaps you like to spend your afternoons destroying the hopes and dreams of scores of minions? If so, you might be excited to hear that Dynasty Warriors Online has launched! Join up with the Wu, Wei or Shu factions to battle it out during China's famous "Three Kingdoms" period. This "action-oriented tactical combat" MMO will also pit you against your best friend from high school, if you happen to play MMORPGs with your best friend from high school. He was always a smart alec, anyway -- so chop him up!

An arsenal of new features has been added to the game like twin battle fans, scimitars, pirate swords and other chopping utensils. Visit new maps and locations, and take advantage of the seven new upgrade systems for weapons, items and gear. Once you make up with your best friend from high school, you can even form a guild with him or her and participate in guild mock battles and melee! No hard feelings?

Join up with the Aeria Games community site and log in. Those NPCs won't chop themselves!

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