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Monumental Games loses staff following 'unexpected' project cancellation


Monumental Games will incur an unspecified number of layoffs following the unforeseen cancellation of an unannounced project. The UK-based developer, which worked on MotoGP 09/10, stated that the recently deceased deal (with an unnamed publisher) will force it to restructure its business and reduce head count.

"Due to an unexpected project cancellation Monumental has been forced to restructure its business which has resulted in a number of job losses," read a company statement, shared with Develop. "The company is saddened by the cuts and will provide the necessary support to those affected through the change."

According to Monumental CEO Rik Alexander, the company will continue its work on "Prime," a 3D browser-embeddable engine being shopped around to MMO publishers, and will keep developing "games in the social gaming space as well as other more traditional work for hire projects." Monumental was ranked 6th in a Sunday Times ranking of the UK's fastest growing private tech companies, published in September 2010.

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