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LG Vortex puts a Verizon spin on budget Android -- yes, Bing's there, too

Ross Miller

It's not exactly the Optimus T / S we saw hit T-Mobile and Sprint, respectively, but for all intents and purposes, it's a fraternal twin. The LG Vortex for Verizon brings with it Android 2.2, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 3G Mobile HotSpot capability, Skype, Swype, a suite of pre-installed carrier / manufacturer apps (e.g. VZ Navigator), and as you might've guessed from it being a non-Droid Verizon Android phone, Bing Search and Bing Maps. Despite being a later arrival, this one's actually the most expensive of the three -- $80 on contract after $100 mail-in rebate. November 18th, if you want to mark a calendar.

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