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Rage: Mutant Bash TV rail shoots id Tech 5 onto an iPhone


Bethesda's upcoming id Tech 5 engine has us pretty excited. It continues the long-standing rivalry between Epic's Unreal Engine and id's storied Doom and Quake engines. However, the battle is very different this time around -- as both engines vie to create the prettiest game for Apple's iPhone.

John Carmack showed off a quick iOS prototype at QuakeCon earlier this year, but IGN has managed to secure video of actual gameplay. Rage: Mutant Bash TV is not an exact port of the console and PC shooter Rage. Instead, it's an arcade-styled rail shooter that has you shooting mutants with a variety of weapons. As you'll see in the video (embedded after the break), the game doesn't seem to offer much in terms of nuanced, thought-provoking gameplay.

But, that's not really the point, is it? Mutant Bash TV is certainly pretty, an unbelievable accomplishment for cell phone gaming. Oddly, if you have a VGA cable, you'll be able to output the game to your TV and play it on the big screen. Nothing like playing a handheld port of a console game on a TV, right?

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