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Get Shank'd in the Xbox Live Deal of the Week


Shank is a lot of fun because it lets you murder a lot of different people in a lot of different ways, and I think you should buy it.
–Justin McElroy,

Had you taken our recommendation several months ago, you would likely have vented your most murderous fantasies -- many of which you never knew you had -- many times over by now; in which case, you should probably, peacefully move on to our next post. Had you, on the other hand, not been called to action by our priase of Shank, then perhaps this is the opportunity you've been waiting for: The Xbox Live Arcade version of the game has been discounted to 800 Microsoft Points ($10) -- down from $15 -- this week (through Sunday) for Xbox Live Gold members.

If not the original price, then perhaps your apprehension was fixated on those icky bugs that had crawled out of the XBLA release. Well, those have been taken care of, too. Still not interested? Ohh, we get it now. All right, sit tight -- next week's Marketplace deal is the one for you.

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