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Sony Ericsson LiveView now available in Europe; if you had a LiveView, you'd know that already


Look, the future is in hyper-informed wrist accessories. If you don't know that by now, what do you know? Not that, assuredly. Sony Ericsson's Android-augmenting, Bluetooth-tethered LiveView accessory is now available in some European countries, including some fan faves like the UK, Germany, and France. Prices seem to vary from country to country, with a UK version going for £48.97 (about $79 US), France getting a €59 shot at it (about $80 US), and Germany swooping in with an über-low €42 tag (about $57 US). All three disparate prices seem a small amount to pay to place the future on your wrist / other clippable surface, but maybe that's just us.

[Thanks, Jason]

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