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Yar's Revenge remade into an anime-inspired rail shooter


The downloadable Yars' Revenge reboot spotted in Atari's earnings report has been officially revealed. Yar's Revenge (even the apostrophe placement has been rebooted!) is an anime-style game following one rogue Yar (an insectoid creature) fighting the evil Qotile forces that had previously brainwashed her.

Speaking to Big Download, producer Michael Fahrny said Yar's Revenge "is now a third-person arcade shooter experience in which a Yar flies through visually stunning Miyazaki-inspired landscapes while fighting a wide variety of memorable enemies." Basically, you'd have no idea it was supposed to be a remake of the 1981Yars' Revenge if it wasn't for the game title. Landscapes? Variety? Miyazaki-inspired? Quite a step from that psychedelic "neutral zone" and the single Qotile laser cannon behind a shield found in the Atari 2600 game. "If you like games like Panzer Dragoon or Star Fox," Fahrny said, "then Yar's Revenge is right up your alley."

This new Yar's is the work of Killspace Entertainment, a studio formed by EALA, Obsidian, Red 5 and Pandemic vets. Check out a trailer after the break, and try to remember, it's for Yar's Revenge.

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