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'Dreamcast Collection' for Xbox 360 and PS3 listed on GameStop


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Coinciding with the PSN release of the Dreamcast's Crazy Taxi, a mysterious listing for a PS3/Xbox 360 "Dreamcast Collection" has been spotted on GameStop. The listing does not offer any details about the unannounced title, except a (likely placeholder) release date of February 15 and a price point of $29.99.

We can speculate just a bit based on that price. Since the two existing PSN/XBLA ports, Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi, cost $10 each to download, it seems unlikely that Sega would simply dump those two games on a disc and charge an additional $10. That effectively rules out the worst-case, most boring scenario. It could be the set of four announced PSN/XBLA ports, including Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Sega Bass Fishing. In fact, given GameStop's moves toward PSN/XBLA content, it could be a code for downloading the games. But for a definitive answer to the tricky question of "what is in the collection," we'll try asking Sega.

[Thanks, Taren.]

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