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Fanmade Thief 2 multiplayer released in beta form


Who needs a new version of Thief when you can just hack some multiplayer into the old one? A group of modders has painstakingly hacked the ten-year-old Thief 2 into a multiplayer game, and the beta is now available for download and testing. While it will supposedly run, it's not actually playable by laymen quite yet. You'll need a fair amount of networking code knowledge to actually get it working in any sensible way, and even then it will apparently crash and burn.

But feel free to geek out at what's been done here -- these guys have gone back through, found unused code in the still closed-off game client, and then rebuilt and rewritten it to try and get it working on modern computers. And this was a game that was never actually designed for multiplayer! What they've done is like taking an old Model T and making it race the Indy 500. Sure, it won't actually win, but the fact it showed up running on four wheels is pretty amazing anyway.

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