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SEGA's Kingdom Conquest hits iPhone and iPod Touch


Game studios have been eying Apple's pocket prodigies as a platform for MMOs for some time now, so it's no surprise that SEGA has stepped up to deliver its own hybrid strategy/RPG MMO in hopes of gaining a foothold on this market. It's called Kingdom Conquest and should feel familiar enough to both the MMO dungeon crawling crowd and the Facebook strategy app fans.

Kingdom Conquest
is split into two modes that work in synergy with each other. In the kingdom building mode, players will construct a city from the ground up, form alliances with other players, build armies and wage war to control territory. This is augmented by the action mode, in which anywhere from one to four players may group to tackle dungeons, which not rewards them with not only armor and weapons but items to use in their cities.

While it bills itself as a free-to-play title (and it is certainly free to download), Kingdom Conquest makes no bones about its reliance on microtransactions. Players looking to create an edge for their city and alliance can spend real money on buffs and shorter building queues to boost their progress ahead.

If you want to check it out, it's one quick trip to the iTunes App store away!

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