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Step 1: Design a new Enterprise for STO. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Cool prizes!


The starship Enterprise has appeared in a number of iterations in both real life and through Star Trek's series and films. Next month, Cryptic is excited to launch the newest edition of the Federation's flagship, which will be designed by... you! Or someone else who plays Star Trek Online. Either way.

The design contest will kick off on December 9th, on which date Cryptic will make design tools available to the public. The winner will get the immense satisfaction of seeing his Enterprise model warp into STO and will also receive an Alienware laptop, a lifetime subscription to the game, the Collector's Edition of STO, and a 3-D model of their creation for keeps. There will also be a number of other prizes for runners-up, including lifetime subs, another laptop, and posters.

We're looking forward to seeing what the Star Trek Online community can whip up, and if the first place design really is deserving of the Enterprise namesake! Check out the contest page for more details.

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