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Verizon's RedZone Channel-streaming FiOS Football app for iPad shows up on iTunes (again)


Though the FiOS Football app for iPad only showed up on the App Store for a short time a couple of weeks ago, it was long enough for us to fall in love with having access to RedZone Channel video and stats in our laps while keeping the TV tuned to one key game. Assuming one is at home in front of their FiOS TV with an iPad and a subscription to the Redzone Channel (a remarkably specific set of circumstances, we must admit), it's hard to imagine a better companion on football Sundays that doesn't come with an unending reserve of one's favorite adult beverage on tap. Check out our hands-on for more screenshots and impressions or hit the source links for Verizon's FAQ and the official iTunes page.

Gallery: Hands-On with the Verizon FiOS RedZone iPad App | 5 Photos

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