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The Verminous Horde swarms WAR today


Sharpen those claws and prepare to throw down with the Skaven: Warhammer Online's 1.4 patch, The Verminous Horde, hits the live servers today!

WAR's 1.4 update includes a wide range of additions and improvements, although the highlight is the ability to play as one of the four new Skaven classes in RvR lakes. Other changes include a revamp of Open RvR mechanics, a Skaven-themed dungeon, a reworking of Renown Abilities and a Barber Surgeon who's anxious to give you a complete makeover.

Patch 1.4 also marks the addition of two RvR Packs to the controversial EA Store. The Progression pack adds 20 more RvR levels (bringing the cap to 100) in addition to faster leveling and more gear. For fluffaholics, the Personality pack is a bounty of vanity pets, mounts and dyes that help you make a dashing first impression.

Head on over to Warhammer Online to read the full 1.4 patch notes!

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