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iPhone dock/photo printer combo may be too much, too late

David Quilty

Contrary to some rumors, Apple users are pretty close to having the ability to print to anywhere via their iOS devices with Air Print. But if you happened to be in the market for an iPhone-specific printer dock today, you can stop looking. The Bolle BP-10, which can charge your iPhone (all versions) and print out 4X6" photos at the same time, uses the free Bolle Photo app to allow you to select photos from your albums and/or select individual pictures on your iPhone for printing. Users can also print multiple passport-style photos onto one sheet of A6 photo paper.

While the idea of wired printing is soon to be obsolete for most computer owners, I can actually see the use for and appeal of a dedicated printer like this -- at a cheaper price point. Sometimes you just don't want to fight with your wireless network to print out a 4x6 picture for your Mom. But at around US$192 from MobileFun it's a bit steep for my taste, regardless of its usefulness.

[via Gizmodo and Ubergizmo]

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