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City of Heroes has your Cyber Monday deals

Jef Reahard

You're no doubt familiar with the upcoming mall stampede known as Black Friday. If you haven't heard of Cyber Monday, we'll forgive you just this once (and no, it's not that kind of Cyber Monday, Mr. Perv). Cyber Monday is basically the online equivalent of Black Friday, and NCsoft is teaming up with to bring you a steal of a deal on the City of Heroes Going Rogue Complete Collection to mark the occasion.

For one day only (Monday, November 29th) you can pick up the compilation pack for a paltry $9.99. You can also hit up the NCsoft store afterwards and grab CoH booster packs for up to 50% off. The Cyborg, Magic, Science, Good vs. Evil, Wedding, and Mac packs are included in the deal, so mark your calendars and warm up those credit cards for the MMORPG deal of the season.

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