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EA on NBA Elite 11: 'It was just going to be a bad game'


"It was just going to be a bad game." And with that, Andrew Wilson, EA Sport's head of worldwide development summed up the reason behind the cancellation of what was meant to be this year's premiere installment in the basketball series reboot. Speaking with IGN, the executive noted that although NBA Elite's controls showed promise, the idea of having one stick for dribbling and shooting, and the other for movement, needed more time to percolate.

Wilson explained, "At the very core, we have to build a great game first and foremost." The executive also noted that the company's decision to move all future production of the NBA Elite series to Madden developer Tiburon shouldn't be seen as a slight against EA Canada.

Wilson made no mention of the NBA 2K11 wrapped van that pulls up to EA headquarters every Sunday at noon and, while nobody is around, lets Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick out to deliver his most heartfelt rendition of "Danke Schoen."

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