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Frostburgh holiday comet headed for LEGO Universe

In the mood for a snowy throwdown? Netdevil and Gazilion have just the thing for you LEGO Universe players -- an entirely new wintry wonderland named Frostburgh! The new area is actually situated on an icy comet that will open up on November 30th, offering players a whole new area to explore in honor of LEGO Universe's winter holiday, Frostivus. In fact, there will be a festive new mission every day for the entire month that Frostburgh will be orbiting near Nimbus Station, as well as all new holiday NPCs to meet with.

Aside from the new holiday quests, players will additionally have the chance to get into snowball fights, build gingerbread houses, open presents, pick up fun wintry stuff for their minifigs, and tame new reindeer pets. Additionally, the Vertigo Loop racetrack is in for a snowy storm of its own: Icy road conditions and evil snowmen are on the forecast, which will create new challenges for racers. For those who manage to make it through the hazardous road conditions, new achievements and special Frostivus cars await!

As a preview of the chilly LEGO Universe fun that kicks offt next week, we've gathered up a handful of screenshots in the gallery below, or you can check out the Frostburgh trailer after the break!

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