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Get more for your subscription money from City of Heroes

Eliot Lefebvre

More isn't always better, but that's definitely the way to bet. So City of Heroes players -- and those considering picking the game up during its upcoming sale -- will be interested in the other promotion the game is running. Between November 29th and December 19th, taking a longer subscription option will result in more game time credited to your account, giving you an extra month or two away without any extra cost to the player.

Six-month subscriptions during the period will be credited with an extra month, while 12-month subscriptions will be credited with two extra months for free. Since the longer-term subscriptions are already slightly cheaper per month than the normal monthly option, it's a substantial decrease in cost for new or returning players. Canceling a subscription prior to the end of the period, however, will also remove the free months on one's account. Still, it's appealing to think that one could get 14 months of City of Heroes at just $10 a month.

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