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Richard Branson launching Project magazine for iPad

David Quilty

It must be "iPad publishing by billionaires" week but I think they forgot to notify me so I could prepare my own app. British entrepreneur Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Atlantic airlines and the burgeoning commercial space travel program Virgin Galactic, will formally announce next Tuesday that he is releasing an iPad-specific digital magazine named "Project." Just the other day media magnate Rupert Murdoch announced his plans for a News Corp iPad app, "The Daily," which is rumored to have a press event introduction on December 9th featuring Mr. Murdoch and Steve Jobs himself. Could the announcement of these two major publications be a foreshadowing of Apple announcing newspaper subscription plans for the iPad?

While Virgin has dipped its toes into the app creation business before with Flying Without Fear, "Project" will cover entertainment, travel, business, design, and international culture. Will Virgin Atlantic now replace their seat-back media centers with iPads? Velcro the iPads to passengers to avoid any zero-G incidents during space flight? We'll find out soon enough.

[via Engadget]

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