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Seasonality Go is an iPad weather app with a lot of promise

Mel Martin

This time of year we seem to do a lot of thinking about weather. Will it snow for the holidays? How is uncle Milton doing with those high winds?

Seasonality Go at US $9.99 is a very powerful weather app for the iPad. It works in more than 200 countries, and lets you customize the screens and the information displayed. If you aren't at one of the 30,000 pre-defined locations, you can use the iPad's location services to get current weather where you are.

Features include:

  • Current conditions
  • A 7-day forecast
  • Sun and moon rise and set times
  • Graphs showing temperature, wind speed, precipitation, humidity, cloud cover and surf heights
  • Radar and cloud cover maps with animated history

The app features excellent customization tools. You can completely design the weather info, even customize the size of each display to your taste. You can pick what data you want to display, and eliminate stuff you don't want. Surf conditions for Iowa, for example probably aren't needed. Plus, you can have several pre-defined templates, all for one location or for several. It's all very versatile.

Gallery: Seasonality Go screen shots | 3 Photos

Negatives? Yes, a few. I'd like to have control over she color scheme. I'm just not attracted to the kind of sickly green that is being used. There are no weather warnings available, which is, I think, a big deal. Why have a really in-depth weather app that won't warn you of a dangerous thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane or flooding? I also think the app costs too much. $9.99 is just too high when apps like WeatherBug are free and essentially use the same data. No, WeatherBug can't be completely customized, but it does include weather warnings. WeatherBug also has ads but they aren't intrusive.

Still, Seasonality Go is on the right track. The ability to design your own GUI is a very powerful feature. Some people will find this a must-have app. I've replaced WeatherBug on my dock with Seasonality Go, With a lower price, weather warnings and some color options I think it would be the best weather app for the iPad. For now, it is very good, but not a home run.

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