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Survey: Apple iPad catching up to Kindle

Mel Martin

There is still a big price difference, but the iPad is challenging the Amazon Kindle as a preferred device for reading e-books in ownership and satisfaction.

That's according to a ChangeWave survey of more than 2,800 U.S. consumers. Of iPad owners, 75% said they were "very satisfied" with their devices, while only 54% of Kindle owners could say the same. When the "somewhat satisfied" numbers are added, it's a tighter competition, with the iPad scoring 96% and the Kindle getting 92%.

According to ChangeWave's director of Research, Paul Carton, the iPad has doubled its share of the e-reader market since August and is now within 15% of the Amazon Kindle. ChangeWave says the iPad has 32% of the e-reader market, which is up 16% since August, with the Kindle at a 47% share, down 15% in the same period.

Of the consumers who plan to buy an e-reader in the next few months, 42% surveyed said they would get an iPad while 33% said they expected to buy a Kindle.

It's all good news for Apple, although I still buy my e-books from Amazon and read them on my iPad because the Apple iBookstore has such a poor selection.

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