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iFlash adds a flash to your iPhone or iPod touch

David Quilty

Of course, it kind of takes away from the idea that a mobile phone should be sleek and easy to carry, but I'm guessing that is beside the point. The iFlash is a self-powered flash module that plugs directly into the docking port of your iPhone 3G/3GS or iPod touch and allows owners to take pictures in badly lit areas. It will also work with your iPhone 4 but there's not a lot of point in having two flashes, especially since the extra one hangs off your otherwise thin and lightweight iPhone. As an added bonus, the iFlash fits under most cases and can also be used as an LED flashlight. We have seen an add-on flash for the iPhone before but this integration looks a little nicer, even if still a bit bulky.

Available now for US $29.95 (regularly $39.95) over at Gadgets and Gear, when not in use the "small and compact iFlash can be attached to the iPhone through a plastic 3.5mm jack and left dangling from the iPhone like a phone charm." I'm not sure a dangling charm is a big selling point, but to each their own. I would rather put that $30 or $40 towards a new iPhone that already comes with a flash -- and without a charm. If I wanted to carry an accessory for my iPhone I think I would prefer a new lens choice over a flash. But if you're stuck with an older phone and take a lot of pictures in dark places, there you go.

Back in 2007, reader Joe let us know about a DIY hack he did using LEDs and a broken iPod car charger, creating what he called the iFlash. This solution might be pricier, but it's a little more tidy, and you won't have to break a car charger to make it!

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