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Go Back to the Future in five, chronological episodes


GameTrailers has the debut moving-picture preview for Telltale's episodic Back to the Future game and, if you ignore the animation and lip-synching, it's looking pretty ... um -- hey, how awesome are those movies? They're on Blu-ray now, you know. Maybe we'll forget all about this awkward teaser when the first episode of the point-n-click adventure is made available for free sometime soon.

Revealed as a five-episode series, Back to the Future begins this month, before taking a winter break until February, when it'll pick back up with a new episode each month until the finale:
  • December: "It's About Time" (Episode 1)
  • February: "Get Tannen!" (Episode 2)
  • March: "Citizen Brown" (Episode 3)
  • April: "Double Visions" (Episode 4)
  • TBD: "OUTATIME" (Finale)
Back to the Future will be available for PC, Mac, PS3 (via PSN) and iPad. Previously, Telltale announced plans to launch the PC and Mac versions first. Check out the trailer after the break, or don't ... if you're chicken.

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