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This week on The MMO Report: Sansha Sansha Revolution

Sure, we know him for his wit and way with words -- but this week Casey Schreiner shows that he's got hotter moves than a level 85 fire mage. And of course, there's that MMO Report thing he does, in which he takes a look at the week's news. This week's targets topics include CrimeCraft's Bleedout expansion, which will offer new episodic content including goodness from artists like Ben Templesmith, Howard Chaykin, Tim Bradstreet, and many others. There's also more on Forsaken World, which is moving towards release by ramping up its teaser trailers.

Also on the radar is today's opening of Rift's closed beta, Earthrise's broken beta button and video, and of course, the first bit of EVE Online's three-part Incursion expansion. Speaking as an EVE Online player, I can say that the windowed mode is awesome, but the bit about anti-aliasing being added in this last patch is pretty awesome too. Now we capsuleers can enjoy the finest basics that Windows can offer while the Sansha swoop down on us. Finally, he wraps everything up by taking us on a magical mystery tour through Uncle Casey's Mailbag, in which we find out that sending him your cosplay pictures probably isn't the best idea -- although sending charity notes is.

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